Thread: MinGw GCC Linker Directive help

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    MinGw GCC Linker Directive help

    Hi all,

    I want to know whether it is possible to provide an specific area of memory using the Linker Directive File.
    I know this can be done using a different compiler but just not if GCC can do this.


    In default.ld

    In test.c

    #define RSET_CPU_REG (0xFF100000)
    int main()
      *((unsigned int*)RSET_CPU_REG) = 0x0000003F;
      return 0;
    Thanks, ;-)
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    From the gcc manual page
    `section ("SECTION-NAME")'
    Normally, the compiler places the objects it generates in sections
    like `data' and `bss'. Sometimes, however, you need additional
    sections, or you need certain particular variables to appear in
    special sections, for example to map to special hardware. The
    `section' attribute specifies that a variable (or function) lives
    in a particular section. For example, this small program uses
    several specific section names:
              struct duart a __attribute__ ((section ("DUART_A"))) = { 0 };
              struct duart b __attribute__ ((section ("DUART_B"))) = { 0 };
              char stack[10000] __attribute__ ((section ("STACK"))) = { 0 };
              int init_data __attribute__ ((section ("INITDATA")));
                /* Initialize stack pointer */
                init_sp (stack + sizeof (stack));
                /* Initialize initialized data */
                memcpy (&init_data, &data, &edata - &data);
                /* Turn on the serial ports */
                init_duart (&a);
                init_duart (&b);
    Having given a particular variable a section name, you would then use the linker to place that section at the address you want.
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