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Different platforms and OSs will have differing requirements, of course. I would include string.h anyway. It may not make a difference with this tiny program but if you push through and get into some more extensive projects, portability may well become an important issue.

I should also point out that indentation matters beyond mere cosmetics. If you ever have to come back 5 years later and re-work some code you wrote, the text layout, variable names and comments will be your best reminder of what you did "way back then". I've had this a few times in my life and on a couple of occasions I found I couldn't even read my own code... so, yeah, I got busy with correct formatting.

In general function and variable names provide clues to what a function or block of code is doing in your overall program. The level of indentation provides important clues about "code within code" nesting to show you what's inside what... Comments should explain anything that's not immediately obvious... It's just good practice and it can save a lot of time and trouble down the road.

Anyway... congrats on getting it to work...
Thank you.
and thx for the help and tip's everyone could not made it without you guys