Thread: Speech input to text output

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    Speech input to text output

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to write a C program which takes an audio/speech input and save it as a text into a file.

    For instance:

    Voice input: Hello

    Text output: Hello (as string saved into a file)

    I appriciate any suggestions. If you know an open source c-program (software) that does this job, please let me know.


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    Quite ambitious, if you plan on writing this yourself!

    I imagine you have already Googled this, would you mind sharing what you learned? It's a very interesting project.

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    > I want to write
    Meaning you need to hand something in...

    > If you know an open source c-program
    Meaning you don't want to write it, if you can possibly avoid it.

    It also means you haven't used google either. Software Search
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