Thread: Replace "." (dot-comma) with "," (regular-comma) for MS Excel

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    Replace "." (dot-comma) with "," (regular-comma) for MS Excel


    I've got a simple question:

    How do I make double-vars fit into Excel?

    I fprintf() some doubles into a txt-file, where the cells are divided by tabs.

    But the problem is that the double's use "." for decimals. Excel on the other hand uses ",".

    I guess there is a very easy solution to this, but which function should I use, and how? And which header-file should I include?

    Thanks :-)

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    Excel uses "." on mine.....but often Europeans use "," to signify decimal places.........

    My guess.......Start->Settings->Control Panel->Regional Options/Settings->Currency->Decimal Place.....

    Change it to "."

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    No, that didn't do it - what about a C-function?

    Didn't help. I still have problems.

    But isn't there any C-function to replace the "." with "," ?

    Some sort of replace() or something?

    Thanks again,


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