Thread: cant solve my program's error

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    cant solve my program's error

    I'm a beginner !!I dono why illegal break error happen in this code!!!

    void draw_triangle(){
    	while (1){
    	int scounter;
    	int spacechar=32;
    	char starchar='*';
    	int hcounter;
    	int length;
    	printf("input height");
    		printf(" the length is incorrect \n  input the correct height");
    		continue ;	}
    	int height = length/2 +1;
    	while (height>0){
    		for (scounter=height-1 ; scounter>0 ; scounter--){
    		for (hcounter=(length-2*(height-1)); hcounter>0; hcounter--){
    		printf("enjoy Ur choice");
    		printf("select Ur next choice");

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    You have a break statement at the end that should not be there.
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