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    Void Pointers

    As per my knowledge , arithmetic operations on void pointers is not allowed unless properly typecasted.

    int main(){
        float i = 10;
        void *k;
        k = &i;
        printf("%u \n" , k);
        k = k-4;
        printf("%u\n" ,k);
        return 0;
    However the above code always increments , decrements the void *k properly without any error or warning.
    For a single increment , it takes the address value from, example 227315 to 227316.
    Hows this thing working ?

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    Using gcc? It's non-standard gcc extension. don't use it.
    GCC will do pointer arith on void pointer.(as char pointer).
    Try to compile with -Wall -pedantic-errors -std=c89 # or -std=c99

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    Take note that it only incremented by 1 byte (the default) not the size of a float.

    A void pointer has no explicit type.

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    Turn up the warning levels of your compiler. For example, to trigger the relevant warning when compiling with the MinGW port of gcc 3.4.5, I had to use the -pedantic option.
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