Thread: Intro for graphics header file in c

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    Intro for graphics header file in c

    I like to know graphical options in c,so pls explain me about graphics header file in c.

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    That's highly dependent on the compiler and environment you're using. It may be a header file where you'd do
    #include <graph.h>
    . Check the directory where all the header files are kept. Then you'd use whatever functions are available to you when you link the graphics library.

    Best to read the manual.

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    graphics header

    There is no graphics header as standard, and i have a feeling you are referring to the one supplied with turbo c. If so anything like that is next to useless on a modern machine, you have to bin it, get an ide like codeblocks and bite the bullet and learn a library like sdl that allows you to access graphics interfaces
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