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    Sleeping threads

    I tried looking this up but having a hard time cuz all i get are ppl using sleep()

    is there a function that would be able to put a thread to sleep and only get waken up when the main process wants teh thread to do something??? i thought there was sumthing like that when using multithreads like having a thread be in wait mode i guess and waits till the main threads gives it new data to be processed

    im trying to avoid an infinite loop checking a buffer waiting for the main thread to fill up

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    If you are on windows you can use CreateObject(), WaitForSingleObject(), PulseObject() and DeleteObject() to signal between threads.

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    [Note: this is not a C question].

    Generally, synchronisation between threads and processes would be done using particular types of objects known as critical sections, mutexes, semaphores, or events.

    The techniques to create these objects, and to use them, vary with operating system (as do the type of synchronisation objects supported by different systems). Note that different methods have different trade-offs, so - for each one supported by your compile and operating system - look carefully at what each one does.

    Generally, you are better off avoiding functions concerned with suspending a thread (in effect, telling it to sleep indefinitely) or resuming a thread. Those functions do not, on their own, offer any protection for data that is accessed by multiple threads.
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