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    Reading text file into a structure


    I'm trying to read a text file that is formatted as....

    2 3
    OR 1 2 3
    AND 4 6 4
    AND 6 4 3
    Where the two number on the first line need to be read into two ints called nGates and nNodes respectively.
    And then each following line needs to be read into a new structure in the form below:

    // Setup Gate Structure
        typedef struct
             char GateType[4];
             int OutputNode;
             int InputNode1;
             int InputNode2;
            } LogicGate;
    It prints to the command window fine and I get a list exactly matching the text file. But when I try to recall information later - for example LogicGates[0].GateType - The program only ever gives the very final gate type, in this example 'AND' and for any other index number ie LogicGates[1].GateType - gives nothing.

    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong??


    // Read in NetlistFile  
        FILE *fp= fopen(NetlistFile,"r");  
        LogicGate *LogicGates = malloc(200 * sizeof *LogicGates);
        int index = 0;
        // Get nGates and nNodes
        while(fscanf(fp, "%d %d", &nGates, &nNodes) == 2)
        // Print to screen
        printf("\n  %d %d", nGates, nNodes);
        // Get Gate data and structure    
        while(fscanf(fp, "%s %d %d %d", &LogicGates[index].GateType, &LogicGates[index].OutputNode, &LogicGates[index].InputNode1, &LogicGates[index].InputNode2) == 4)
        // Print to screen
        printf("\n  %s %d %d %d", LogicGates[index].GateType, LogicGates[index].OutputNode, LogicGates[index].InputNode1, LogicGates[index].InputNode2);

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    Is it pseudo code or real C code?
    close() is not the right function to close file pointer returned by fopen and you are missing a { }.

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