Thread: Function testing question

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    Function testing question

    I designed a function for use in a larger program. The function was tested before being implemented and it worked fine. Now, it was copied into a larger program and was called and I am getting some weird behavior... Any reason for this unexpected behavior? Can memory issues do that? Say if their was a leak?

    I can't share it due to the size but am trying to think, qualitatively, why it would work during testing (simple main function and a call) and not now (where many functions being used/ i and o operations/ etc.).

    Any ideas.

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    We really can't answer this without seeing it or at least knowing something about it. It could be anything from a global variable being changed unexpectedly to mishandled memory management.
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    So when you do unit testing, the code is OK?
    Any warning that you're ignoring? (un-initalized variable,pointer..?).
    If you post the code, we will be able to look into more details...

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    There could be any one of a thousand reasons for your problem. This is where good troubleshooting skills come into play... one must not simply boggle when the things don't go as expected.

    As the others have already said, there's not much we can do without (at minimum) a detailed description of the exact problem.

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