Thread: Redirecting stdin - freopen alternative

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    Question Redirecting stdin - freopen alternative

    I'm currently redirecting in a non-portable manner the standard input as:

    freopen ("/dev/tty", "r", stdin);
    which /dev/tty always points to the user's terminal. This helps me to read from input in a non-blocking manner.

    I can perform well something like:

      while(fgets(buf, sizeof(buf), stdin))
        fputs(buf, stdout);
      freopen("/dev/tty", "rw", stdin);
      // continue with the rest of the code in a non-blocking manner
    I'm wondering what would be an alternative to freopen, perhaps using I/O multiplexing. such as select()? or a thread that blocks on reading stdin?

    Any alternative sample code would be appreciated.

    Platforms: BSDs, Linux

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    Sure, stdin is file descriptor 0, and you can use that in an fd_set passed to select()

    You might need to be careful between select detecting a single character being available, and fgets potentially blocking until a newline is entered.
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    Could you elaborate a little bit more about using select() instead of freopen? Or how would that apply on the above case? Thanks for your reply.

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