Thread: how to calculate system time

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    how to calculate system time

    PHP Code:
        double wall_time;
    struct rusage ru_startru_end;
    getrusage(RUSAGE_SELF, &ru_start);
    mergesort(args[i], sizeof(original)/sizeof(*original), sizeof(*original),my_cmp); /*my program that need to be measued*/
    getrusage(RUSAGE_SELF, &ru_end);
    sys_time ru_end.ru_stime.tv_sec ru_start.ru_stime.tv_sec;
    sys_time += (ru_end.ru_stime.tv_usec ru_start.ru_stime.tv_usec)/1000000.0;
    im tying to the system time my program uses, but all i get is 0, what should i do?

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    Does it print 0, even when it's obviously taking a lot longer?

    How big is the array you're sorting?

    Returns success / fail (you don't check)
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