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    Question calloc error

    Dear people that know more C than me (ie Everyone)

    I am working on a simple bit of C code to fill a dynamic array with specific values and display them in a grid. However, I'm getting stuck at the beginning, when I try to allocate memory for the array. I have checked around for other calloc code, and I'm not sure where I'm making my mistake. When I try to compile my code, I receive an error that says: "incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function 'calloc'"

    The code I'm using is as follows:
    main()  {
            int i, j;
            //values to hold row & col size for array & mem size needed
            int col, row, Doubles;
            printf("\nEnter the number of columns desired for your array \n");
            scanf("%d", &col);
            printf("\nEnter the number of rows desired for your array \n");
            scanf("%d", &row);
            Doubles = col * row;
            //declaring the array
            double *ArrayPtr = (double *) calloc (Doubles,sizeof(double));
            //filling the array with the requested values
            for(i = 0; i < row; i++)
                    for(j = 0; j < col; j++)        {
                            *ArrayPtr = i * 100 + col;
                            ArrayPtr ++;
    Please let me know if you what I'm doing wrong in my calloc statement. Thank you in advance!

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    calloc() is declared in stdlib.h. You'll need to add the following line near the top of the file:
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    That's why I put "beginner" as one of the tags! Thanks itsme - that fixed it!

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