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    Question Convert a variable's datatype

    Hello all,

    Is it possible to convert a single variable's datatype several times in code? If so, is it frowned upon? It saves space though so you don't have to use new variables.

    Here is an example:
    float i;                //i is float here
    i=(int)i;              //i changes to integer here

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    You say "i changes to integer here", but it doesn't. i is still a float variable, and will always and forever be a float variable. You can put an integer value in it, but that doesn't change the type of the variable just as
    float i = 1; //i is still a float variable, even though 1 is an int

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    Ah, ok so I do need to make another variable specifically for the datatype...


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    Yes, if you need the variable to have a different type, just create a new variable of that type.
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