Thread: Hello people! WinAmp Gui

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    Hello people! WinAmp Gui

    First of all HI!!

    i would like to create a sw with winamp gui style using windows API, i am reading petzold book but iven't found any example about it.
    Do u know which Api can be used to do that?

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    You can do it in the Windows API... I do stuff like that all the time.

    What you need to understand is that a "winamp style gui" involves a lot of complex coding. Not only is the window itself made up of many smaller windows called "controls", it is "skinned" by creating their own window drawing procedures.

    This isn't something you're going to get from a 20 year old book written for Windows 98. I've been programming Windows API for about 5 years now and even I won't tackle "skinning" at this point...

    You may want to start with something a little simpler... like "Hello Windows"...

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