Thread: Proper way to pass in 2d array to function?

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    Proper way to pass in 2d array to function?

    Say you have char arr[10][10] and you want to pass it to a function as is. How do you declare the function parameter? I want to be able to pass in a 2d array of arbitrary size, I don't want to fix the row OR the column size in the function definition. Thanks

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    You can't just make an empty-sized array:
    void cannotdothis( type bad[][] );
    You could fake it I suppose somehow, with a void pointer. Or you could just make it so you dynamically allocate it:
    type **makearray( size_t x, size_t y ) {
        ...allocate space...
        return it;
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    Use the variable-length arrays for C99:
    type func(int rows, int cols,type array[rows][cols])

    or if you use dynamic array, then:

    type func(type **array, int rows, int cols)
    for the dynamic array, you can't pass in the static array, however.

    void func( int ** array, int rows, int cols)
    int arr[10][10] = { .....};
    func(arr, 10,10) // would not work.
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