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    Question Question : Passing Array Arguments as Pointers

    "Pointers" in topic may be "Pointer's".

    Hi all.

    There is a two dimensional A[5][6] array declared and this is wanted from me :

    . Pass the array A and its dimensions (number of rows and
    columns) to the FUNCTON1 as arguments.
    Number of rows and columns should be passed as POINTER
    And this is how i defined function and passed array into it :

    void func1 (int *a1Ptr, int a1row, int a1column) // The function 
    func1 (*A, 5, 6); // This is how I pass array into it
    Program works and everything is ok.

    So my question is, did i do it right as it wanted ? If not, then how to do it like in the question.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The question is actually unclear.

    But, presumably, the intent is that a1Ptr have a type that allows the notation a1Ptr[i][j] (within the function) to access the element A[i][j] (where A is the array passed by the caller). If that it the case, a1Ptr cannot be a just pointer to int, and A would not be passed as *A.

    If rows and columns should be passed as pointers, then a1row and a1column will need to be pointers, not ints.

    It's not quite clear what you mean by "Program works and everything is OK". The fact the code might compile does not mean it meets requirements.
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