Thread: Passing array into function

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    Passing array into function

    I am trying to write a program that will compute an angle and magnitude of a given complex number. I have therefore declared an array of 2 floats in which [0] stores the real part and [1] the imaginary part. My code looks as follows:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    float magnitude(float c[]);
    void arc(float c, int *arcn);
    int main()
    	float complex[2];
    	float owned;
    	printf("Enter real part > ");
    	scanf("%f", &complex[0]);
    	printf("Enter imaginary part > ");
    	scanf("%f", &complex[1]);
    	printf("Magnitude: %f", magnitude(complex));
    	arc(complex, &owned);
    	printf("Angle: %f", owned);
    float magnitude(float c[])
    	float temp;
    	temp = sqrt(c[0]*c[0] + c[1]*c[1]);
    	return temp;
    void arc(float c[], float *arcn)
    	*arcn = atan(c[1]/c[0]);
    However I am getting an error:
    main.c(19) : error C2440: 'function' : cannot convert from 'float [2]' to 'float'
    What is wrong with the program? Please help.

    I know I could use a return statement in the second function, but I do not want to. The whole purpose of this program is to excercise functions which return a value, and which manupulate values passed by a pointer.

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    You've defined arc() to accept a single float value as the first arg, not an array of floats.
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    changed this line
    void arc(float c, int *arcn);
    void arc(float *c, int *arcn);

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