Thread: Reading a text file into a string - fread?

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    Reading a text file into a string - fread?

    Hi, I've written a piece of code that should read in a text file, store it in a string, then print it out on screen.

    int main()
    	/*declare and initialise variable*/
    	char text[400];
    	int i=0;
    	FILE *file_in;
    	file_in=fopen("text.txt", "r");
    	/*stores and prints the data from the string*/
    	fscanf(file_in,"%s", text);
    	printf("%s\n", text);
        return 0;
    Problem I have is that as fscanf doesn't like spaces it won't read a full sentence, it will only print the first word of the file! So 'the quick red fox' comes out as 'the'.

    I'm thinking I need to use something like fread but I'm just not sure how to implement it into the code.

    (I also have another problem, I need to let the user specify the name of the text file, but not sure how. Guessing I need to get a scanf in from the keyboard to put the file name in a variable, but not sure how to apply the content of that variable to the filename section? If anyone could shed any light on that too)

    Thank you!

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    Use fgets() to read a text file, one line at a time.

    You can also use fgets() to read from stdin.
    Just read the FAQ on how to deal with the newline at the end, if that is a problem with whatever you want to do next with the input.
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