Thread: Simplest way to create a good graph?

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    Simplest way to create a good graph?

    "Is it even possible?" - is what I'm wondering. Yes, I'm talking C language, and I use Visual Studio 2008 for coding.

    Is there any way that would allow me to draw the x and y axis as well lines? Possibly defined based on equations I enter? Regardless, just getting out of that limiting console box while still using ANSI C language, ideally compiled with Visual Studio 2008.

    Would happily accept thoughts and ideas on this. Note that I'm still midway through research. If someone might already have some details about this I'd appreciate greatly if you could help me cut off time wasted on searches which yield no results

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    Anything not involving the console is going to require OS/Compiler specific libraries.

    Which you go for is hard to say, but since you're using VS2008, then perhaps the simple GDI interface would work.
    GDI+ (Windows)
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    Thanks for the reply. I've spent several hours searching in relation to using GDI but I got simply nowhere. If anyone might have some sample code handy I'd appreciate giving it a run. Just a simple line being drawn would do me fine, the simpler the code the happier I'd be.

    What I did stumble upon was a japanese-commented program which made us of a non-standard graphics.h header file. Many mentioned doing something in relation to win32() but unless I can stumble upon some source code, no amount of theory will help me

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