Thread: nested structures and pointers

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    nested structures and pointers

    I have a conceptual question. If I have some structures declared thus:

    struct film
       char title[TSIZE];
       int rating;
    typedef struct film Item;
    typedef struct node
       Item item;
       struct node * next;
    }  Node;
    typedef Node * List;
    And I decide to re-define List as:

    // typedef Node * List;
    typedef struct list {
       Node * head;
       Node * end;
    } List;
    Would the references to the item member of Node then become:

    List * plist;
    // and/or
    I ask because I had a structure assignment that used to work:

    static void CopyToNode(Item item, Node * pnode)
       pnode->item = item;  // copying structure
    After the 'List' definition change (mentioned above), I changed the CopyToNode() to:

    static void CopyToNode(Item item, List * plist)
       plist->end->item = item;  // copying structure
    The files compile with no errors, but the program crashes on the 'copying structure' line.

    What am I forgetting?
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    Is plist pointing to valid memory location?
    If so, how about plist->end?

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