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    #define question

    I am new to C and have a simple question. I use Visual Studio 2008 C++ Express edition. I added a

    #define ONE 1;

    statement before main(). Within my main definition I tried to

    printf("%d", ONE);

    When I compiled it threw an error. I then added an

    int one = ONE;
    printf("%d", one);

    statement and it compiled fine. I am deducing that constants cannot be used directly in functions, but, must be applied to some sort of calculation first. Is that correct?

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    It may be in the printf() case but it certainly isn't the rule in C...
    Most windows functions have massive constants defined in that way.

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    Macros are just text substitution. The reason you get an error is because of this:
    #define ONE 1;
    Get rid of that, and you should be fine.

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    Thanks for pointing that out. Much appreciated.

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