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    Question Pelles C Temperature

    Can anyone give me the code to make pelles C read numbers from a file, and then write to another file the average, high, and low temperatures, in that order.

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    I daresay yes. What have you tried?
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    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define inp_file "c:/code/temp/temps.txt"
    #define out_file "c:/code/temp/averages.txt"
    #define debug 1
    int main(void) {
    FILE *inp, *out;
    double temp, average, high, low, input;
    inp = fopen(inp_file,"r");
    out = fopen(out_file,"w");
    if (debug) {
    if (inp==NULL || out == NULL) {
    printf("File does not exist\n");
    return(0); } }
    while (fscanf(input,"%d",&temp) != EOF) {
    printf("%s %lf\n",temp);
    fprintf(out,"%s%lf\n",temp); }

    this is my code, but its not working and I cant quite figure out why.

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    Read this -> << !! Posting Code? Read this First !! >>

    Then post your code again, this time using code tags to preserve some sense of indentation.

    Though from editing your post, I see that it doesn't have any indentation to begin with.
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    1) You expect temp to hold a double, yet your fscanf() is formatted to read int.
    2) printf("%s %lf\n",temp); expects two parameters. Same with the next fprintf statement.

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