Thread: Creating a function that mallocs space for my new type

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    Creating a function that mallocs space for my new type

    I'm not sure exactly what I need to use as an argument to malloc to allocate space in the table_allocate(int) function. I was thinking just count_table* cTable = malloc(sizeof(count_table*)) , but that doesnt do anything with the size parameter. Am i supposed to allocate space for the list_node_t also? Below is what I am working with.

    in the .h file I'm given this signature:

    //create a count table struct and allocate space for it                         
    //return it as a pointer                                                        
    count_table_t* table_allocate(int);

    Here are the structs that I'm supposed to use:

    typedef struct list_node list_node_t;
    struct list_node {
      char *key;
      int value;
      //the next node in the list                                                   
      list_node_t *next;
    typedef struct count_table count_table_t;
    struct count_table {
      int size;
      //an array of list_node pointers                                              
      list_node_t **list_array;


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    You have to keep track of your own size.

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    I understand I need to keep track of size as I go, but the int parameter for the allocation function is meant to specify the size of the count table. I don't understand what I would use the size parameter for if I'm just keeping track of size as I go.

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    It sounds like you are supposed to write cTable->size = size; and probably also initialise cTable->list_array, either to a null pointer, or by using malloc.
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