Thread: Problem returning struct pointer

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    Problem returning struct pointer


    I'm having trouble defining a method that is supposed to return a pointer to a struct:

      count_table_t* table_allocate(int size)
              count_table_t *test;
              return test;
    where count_table_t and list_node_t are defined in the header file as:

    typedef struct list_node list_node_t;
    struct list_node {
      char *key;
      int value;
      list_node_t *next;
    typedef struct count_table count_table_t;
    struct count_table {
      int size;
      //an array of list_node pointers
      list_node_t **list_array;
    I get a seg fault when running the method. Ideas? Essentially what I'm trying to do is make a count_table object with size: (size*list_node), and then return it.

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    > count_table_t *test;
    > test=malloc(sizeof(list_node_t)*size);
    Try using the same type.

    In fact, DON'T use a type at all in the malloc call.
    test = malloc ( sizeof(*test) * size );
    You can change the type of test, and the malloc will always be right.
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    Does that method do what it is intended to do? Create a count_table_t pointer object and return it?

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