Thread: Summat about cars (thread split)

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    Summat about cars (thread split)

    What is the way to develop a C programme with the following information?
    Its like a car rental thing.

    Category Description Fee/wk Fee/Day MaxKm/wk Insur/Day ExtraKm
    1 standard 4dr $10000 $1500 2000 $100 $10
    2 stationwagons $12000 $2000 2000 $120 $12
    3 Suvís $14000 $2500 1800 $140 $14
    4 luxury $180000 $3000 1300 $250 $18

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    1. Analyze requirements
    2. Design a solution
    3. Build the solution
    4. Test the solution
    5. Ship it!
    6. Enjoy a gin and tonic, or any beverage of your choice.

    Okay, so that's something of a development plan, and I do mean all that sincerely. You post is extremely vague. You have not presented a sufficient set of requirements for anybody to help you. Does your program need to simply print out those 4 lines? Does it have a set of actions to perform? Should you use a menu or command line interface, or will it use a GUI or read commands from a text file, socket, what?

    You can't do anything until you understand your problem (and we can't help you until we understand your problem), so please express it clearly, and describe what you don't get

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