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    Color problem

    I setted my color to Green in the chart but now whenever i try to set the color back to deafult it still comes out green! help!

    ps: It still only works on Multiplayer... Im not done with this yet

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    Well, you actually never set back to default because you've totally messed up wOldColorAttrs. You're only setting it back in "GetAnswerMulti()", but you've already set it in main, so there's no point! Pass wOldColorAttrs into each function are argument instead of loading again and again.
    Oh, your "getrand()" function is logically wrong. "srand(time(NULL))" should be called only once at the beginning of your program.
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    oh wow, ok fine, but that is a mighty big dumper load of unformatted code spaghetti that was just hoiked in there, twice, and there is no way i am trawling through it.

    look up indentation.
    use code tags
    post less code, especially if it looks like that!
    use the 'edit' button if you need to change something you posted.
    open a new thread
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