Thread: beginner at c to manipulate multiple files in a single program?

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    Question beginner at c to manipulate multiple files in a single program?

    I have 3 files i need to read in one program.. the files contain the same type of information.. numbers, but in each file the numbers are different.

    i wrote a program to read one file and manipulate the information in it, but i need to get this program to somehow read the other two files right after this one, and i'm unsure of what i need to do. this is it...

    could i write a function to read these 3 files??

    #include <stdio.h>
    main ()
        FILE *ontariofile;
        int beachnum, sampnum, s;         
        double samp,total, avg;
        ontariofile = fopen ("ontario.txt", "r");
        while (fscanf (ontariofile, "%d", &beachnum) != EOF)
            total = 0;
            fscanf (ontariofile, "%d", &sampnum);
                    for (s = 1; s <= sampnum; ++s)
                        fscanf (ontariofile, "%lf", &samp);
                        total = total + samp;
                    avg = total / sampnum;
                    if (avg > 50)
                        printf ("%d: open\n", beachnum);
                    else if (avg < 50)
                    printf ("%d: closed\n", beachnum);
                if (sampnum <3) 
                    printf ("%d: insufficient data\n", beachnum);
    fclose (ontariofile);

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