Thread: Need help installing Borland Turbo C 2.01

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    Need help installing Borland Turbo C 2.01

    Erg! i have read the help documentation and it sucks, and i have repedetly tried to instsall it from INSTALL.exe but it always says i need some COMPILER/UTILITIES file or something. Could someone guide me throught the installation please?

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    Have you tried compiling something? If so, it probably has to do with the lack of include files (or at least there wasn't any when I installed it). My suggestion: get Blood Shed Dev. Its at Its really easy to install and works just as good.

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    Arrow I have your answer

    Here's the G-O with Turbo C Version 2.1

    It's broken into three disks.
    You're installing from your hard drive.

    Download the zip. Extract all of the files with Path "Disk2" (this will be shown in Winzip) to a disk.

    Extract all files with Path "Disk2" to another disk.
    Extract the rest of the files (Path will be "Disk3") to another disk.

    THEN run Install from the first disk. Say the source is 'A' and then go through as per normal. When it asks for Compiler/Utilities, it is REALLY asking for Disk2. Put it in baby!

    When it asks for Header Files/Libraries, it is REALLY asking for Disk3. Stick it in!

    I can guarantee this works. Any more problems, please write back, I'll give you a reply.

    This is definately nothing to do with a lack of include files.

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