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    Unhappy Graphics and text and cursor manipulation

    i've made a simple graphics outline function, using graphics.h.

    but now when i try for things like textcolor(RED), They don't seem to work. also the _setcursortype(_SOLIDSURSOR)

    these things don't seem to work. i've come to know that graphics and text mode in c are different but is there any way to get those features while using graphics as well.

    I'm using Turbo C compiler.

    Any help or references appriciated. i've searched through but found nothing
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    I use Turbo C a LOT, but I'm not clear what your problem is.

    All the Turbo C functions, etc., are included, along with an example file, in the help area of the IDE. (Top right hand corner of the IDE).

    Post up a little snippet of text that shows what the problem is, and I'll find the fix, if possible. There are lots of details you haven't mentioned.

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