Thread: How to get a y or n answer without the newline character

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    How to get a y or n answer without the newline character

    How can I get a y or n answer from the user without messing with newline character.
    The following code fails in this because the second getchar gets the newline character from the previous answer:

    do {
    		result = play_game();
    		if (result == true)
    			printf("\nYou win!");
    			printf("\n\nPlay again?");
    			ch = getchar();
    			printf("\nYou lose!");
    			printf("\n\nPlay again?");
    			ch = getchar();
    	} while (ch != 'n');
    Thank you.

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    void flush_input_buffer(void)
        int c;
        while ((c = getchar()) != '\n') ;
    call flush_input_buffer() after receiving input to remove anything left over up to and including the newline character.

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    This is something I use, but I'm not sure how proper it is, since I'm still a newbie.

    while (getchar() != '\n')
    It's pretty much the same as rags_to_riches' answer, but his is probably better, because it's a function you can call.
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