Thread: Conversions, Strings and printf

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    Question Conversions, Strings and printf

    Consider the following code:

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main() {
    int i=8, j=9;
    char m[]=" \"file\"";
    char d = 'x';
    printf("%c%s\n%d\n", d,m,i%j);
    return 0;

    which prints:

    x "file"

    There are two parts of this code that I am unsure of. One is "i%j" argument in the printf function. Exactly what does this call for (well obviously it ends up as 8 but why)? How do you read this to yourself?

    My second question is with regards to the string " \"file\"". Why are the "\" characters omitted in the output?

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    The % sign used in the i % j statement is a modulous function... It's the remainder of i/j

    The \ don't appear in "file" because they are C escape characters... In a string literal \" causes the quotation mark to be printed, where it would normally terminate the string.

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