Thread: Adding values to array in a for loop

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    Adding values to array in a for loop

    Am very close to working out all the kinks and need help with one last thing. This code is a simplified version of what am going to do.

    int main()
        char string1[] = "abc";
        char string2[] = "abd";
        int i,k;
        for(i=0; i<3; i++){
        for(k=0; k<3; k++){
        if(string1[i] == string2[k]){
        printf("%c", string2[k]);
                                              <----------------------- THIS IS WHERE I want the array to take in the values that pass the if statement. 
        return 0;

    Now I can't just place a simple array in there since its in a for loop, every time a new value passes the if statement the array will only get overwritten. Basically I need to keep stacking values into an array in a loop but not every time the loop is run. How can this be done?

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    Your question is not clear.

    but if, as far i understood,you want to enter values when ever your if statement is true.
    for eg.
      { if(statement)
          { scanf("%c",a[i]);
    above when your if is true you enter a value, else loop continues.

    I tried to tell what i thought you are looking for.

    if not helpful paste your code and tell what exactly you want to do.

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