Thread: Realloc Problem

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    Realloc Problem

    Hi everyone,

    I know its a basic problem, but realloc doesnt seem to be resizing my array to the right size.

    char* nickBuf=NULL;
    int reallocLength = 1024 + nickLength +1;
                  printf("size of reallocLength is: %d\n", reallocLength);		
    void *_tmp = realloc(nickBuf, reallocLength); 
                  printf("size of bufPlusNick inside if loop is: %d\n", sizeof(nickBuf));
                  //nickBuf is freed later on in code
    various printf statements i have have printed out the following

    size of reallocLength is: 2045
    size of nickBuf inside if loop is: 4
    size of nickLength is: 1020
    size of nickBuf is: 4

    im unsure how realloc can resize the array to only 4, when an int of 2045 is given as the argument

    thanks for any help

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    Size of nickBuf returns 4 because you are asking for the size of the pointer.

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