Thread: [C] malloc and fgets

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    [C] malloc and fgets

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    void memoryAlloc (int a);
    int main(int argc, char* argv[])
    	int choice;
    	fputs("Please enter the maximum length of string: ",stdout);
    	return 0;
    void memoryAlloc (int a){
    	char* arr;
    	arr = (char*)malloc( a * sizeof(char));
    	if (arr == NULL){
    		fputs("Failed to allocate memory!!!",stdout);
    	fputs("Please enter strings: ",stdout);
    	fgets(arr,sizeof(arr),stdin); // scanf("%s",arr);
    	printf("Entered strings: %s\n",arr);
    Hello, Ive started studying C for fun, and got a problem studying dynamic memry allocation part.
    I wrote this code to understand how to use malloc.
    I wanted to get a string from a user and then print a result.
    I really don't understand why my code doesnt allow to type strings.
    If I use scanf() instead of fgets, it works fine. Anyone got an idea why it happens??!!
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    The other problem you have is mixing scanf() with fgets()

    > scanf("%d",&choice);
    This leaves trailing characters (specifically a newline) on the input stream

    > fgets(arr,sizeof(arr),stdin);
    This reads the remainder of the stream, up to the first newline. Typically, this is the only character.

    In response to your first prompt, try typing in something like

    > printf("Entered strings: %s\n",arr);
    This would print the !?
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