Thread: Print to hyperterminal in Hexa (Or Decimal)

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    Print to hyperterminal in Hexa (Or Decimal)

    I'm programming an Evaluation Kit and I'm tryin' to print the acquired data by an A/D converter to Hyperterminal, but it's been printed in ASCII.
    I have this values stored in the SRAM:
    It's an array (TxBuffer) with 8 bits per position.
    TxBuffer [0] = 64
    TxBuffer [1] = 10
    How do I print exactly this values to hypeterminal?


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    I'm not 100% sure what you mean about the hyperterminal stuff, but in C, if you want to display numbers in hexadecimal format you can do it using either the %x or %X specifier in printf:
    printf("%X", num);
    So if you had a string then you would have to loop through it character by character and print each character out separately in Hex.

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    If I understand you right, you're just trying to combine the two 8-bit values into a single integer that you can print, right? I'm also assuming that TxBuffer[1] has the more significant bits than TxBuffer[0]? If not, just swap the 0 and 1 indexes...
    int val = TxBuffer[0] | (TxBuffer[1] << 8);
    printf("%X", val);
    Of course, since 8-bit values are printed neatly in hex you could simply print them without merging them like so:
    printf("%X%X", TxBuffer[1], TxBuffer[0]);
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