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    Main file deleted


    when I was trying to compile my program under linux with gcc, my main file got deleted(with the main function in it) and it gave me a compile error, because the main function was gone.
    What the hell just happened there? Linux bug? gcc bug?

    Any way to recover this?

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    My guess is that you tried to do something like:

    gcc file.c -o file.c
    Which would try to compile the text file "file.c" into an executable called "file.c". If you encountered an error, "file.c" may well have been removed to make way for the resulting executable, and you've lost your source code.

    If this is the case, in future make sure you compile to a separate file - for example, use this instead:

    gcc file.c - o file
    If this is not the case, then in order for us to get at the root of the problem you're going to have to post at least (i) the command-line you used and (ii) the output of the command.

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