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    Preprocessor directives

    hey guys i came across this

    #define LCD_E(x)              ((x) ? (IOSET1 = PIN_E)  : (IOCLR1 = PIN_E) );
    i know that it is macro expansion but wat does the expression in the brackets mean?

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    It is the ternary operator. If x evaluates to true, the result of the operation is (IOSET1 = PIN_E), otherwise it is (IOCLR1 = PIN_E). Incidentally, the semi-colon at the end of the macro looks like it should not be there.
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    On a completely unrelated note:

    [] = Brackets
    {} = Braces
    () = Parens (parentheses)

    As it is, one can figure out what you meant, but saying "brackets" when you mean "parens" can be confusing if both are present in the expression.
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