Thread: Got stuck --> need help

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    Got stuck --> need help

    hi guys i have a program about counting items and adding their prices and checking if the item is Towel i should start counting coz the costumer must only buy 3 towels.
    i got program right but the total always doubled ):
    can u help
    here's the code

    thanx in advance

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    	char item[20];
    	int  towelnum;
    	float subtotal, price;
    int main() {
    	towelnum = 0.0;
    	printf("Enter item then price\n");
    	printf("Enter XXX to stop\n");
    	subtotal = 0;
    		if (strcmp(item,"XXX")==0){
    		if (strcmp(item,"Towel")== 0 ){
    		scanf("%f", &price);
    		subtotal = subtotal + price;
    		if(towelnum > 3){
    			printf("You exceeded\n");
    			subtotal = subtotal - price;
    	printf("Subtotal: $%1.2f\n", subtotal);
    	if(towelnum == 3){
    		printf("Total: $%1.2f", subtotal - 5);
    		printf("Total: $%1.2f", subtotal);

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    I'm not that familiar with gets() because it's hella unsafe, but - I believe the scanf() line of code inside the while() loop, is leaving the newline char behind in the keyboard buffer (OK, I know that's true). Which makes gets() accept the item again. (not positive of that, though and haven't run your code.)

    The test would be to add a getchar() right after the scanf() to pull the newline char off the keyboard buffer.

    Try that.

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    ya, it's true.
    i tried your code, used flushall() before gets() and don't forget to hit enter after writing "Towel" and then it's cost.
    "Towel" and "XXX" should be used with proper cases...

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    getchar(); < solved the problem

    thanx a lot for both of u

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