Thread: Plotting GA in C

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    Plotting GA in C

    Hi everybody,

    this is my first post, and although i've already checked if something was already posted related on what i need, i didnt find it. Here is the deal.

    I'm running a Genetic Algorithm C program. The point is that every generation (let's say each iteration) you get some results which can be plotted. In this way u have a temporal plot or better said a plot of the result vs generation. My question is if it is possible to plot in c programming and how should i do it!

    I hope someone could help me. Obviously any advice or help is welcome!



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    You could use gnuplot (also: Wikipedia page). It's a widely used (and cross-platform) command-line graphing utility you can use as a back-end.

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    Thanks John, i'll check it now!!


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