Thread: Windows File open permisisons

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    Windows File open permisisons

    I am working on porting a some software form Unix to windows. I create a couple files and want their permissions to be set to 777(or the windows equivilent) they are currently being set with the unix variables:

    i_fileID = open( 
    these of course are not defined in any windows headers. i havnt found a good way of changing them so that this opens a file with full permissions.
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    Complete control over this is only possible with the CreateFile API. Note that Windows doesn't have a concept of an "executable" bit, nor does it have UNIX-style groups. The access permissions are granted via ACLs.
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    The interesting part is in Microsoft's subsystem for Unix applications (SUA) in their include headers they define those variables in a similar fashion to the Unix counterpart. since they are just constants couldn't I copy them over into a header that my code could use?

    also. How different is open() and fopen()? this code I'm working on is fairly old... I already had to replace some memalign() calls.

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