Thread: Problems with escape sequences

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    Problems with escape sequences

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, as well as to the C language, and I have a problem. In a file I am studying, inside the printf function, I am trying to use the escape sequence "\a", which is supposed to beep some kind of sound - but when I save the source code, compile it, and run it, it doesn't play anything - also, as far as I know, it is supposed to print "beep" on the screen, right? But it doesn't - only blank space appears at this point in the text displayed by the printf function.

    In another case, I tried typing the following escape sequence series: \b\b\b\b - as far as I know, "\b" would move the cursor - however, when I compile and run the file in DOS, I see a message - I use the computer mostly in Portuguese, but, translating it to English, it is something like "Denied access" - also, the antivirus (AVG - free) detects in the executable file obtained from the compiling process a trojan - more specifically: "Trojan horse Generic13.ESS".

    I use DevC++ and its compiler, in Windows XP, although I also have installed in my computer something like Cygwin - which I don't quite know if it is another compiler. My question is: what is happening that doesn't let me use these two escape sequences?

    In advance, I thank you all for your attention and time.

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    Maybe it would help posting some code

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