Thread: Help needed in creating a game using c

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    Help needed in creating a game using c

    I was given an assignment to create a Flip'em game using Quincy but I really don't know how to start it.
    The instruction of the assignment is:

    Develop a game with C that will automatically generate a set of board (2 dimension array) with pairs of characters randomly allocated each time the program is run. The user / player will be able to navigate through the board and flip the tile over to see the hidden character and try to find the match within the board.

    I must also be able to store the information of previous players in a plain text data file..

    Can anyone help me to at least start off the assignment please?

    Thak You Very Much

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    Haver a go and come back with specific problems, giving code snippets each time. Nobody want to do your homework for you. If you dont know where to start then you really need to talk to your Lecturer/Teacher.

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