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    An array given Arr[] which is in decreasing order. How many swapping required in
    for(int index=0;index
    for(int j=n-index;j

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    Welcome to the forum rahulietlko!

    <puts on my Drill Instructor hat>

    "Do I look like a computer, to you?"

    "On this planet, we expect the computer programs to do the mundane counting, for us, not the other way around"

    "Now get back to that program, add a counter variable, and let the program do the counting!

    "The raw recruits we get here at the Marine Depot Training Center - you would not believe."

    P.S. And use code tags around your program, next time, by clicking on the # icon, inside the advanced reply window. Right at the top, just right of top dead center.

    <Returns D.I. hat to place of honor>

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