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    ATS Time&Attendance

    Please Help. I have ATS Time and Attendance Clock, I bougth on ebay. And trying to connect it to AS/400. I wrote program that connects to the port 2500 of this clock and gets message from it.
    But what to send to this hardware and how to unlock it I do NOT know. Is there any sofware that I can use to download program that was uploaded to it? All I know that it has program that was written in C. I called manufacturer but they will not help.
    Please Help.

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    >I called manufacturer but they will not help.
    The manufacturer is you're best bet for something like this, be annoying and persistent until they give you some information. Just knowing that the program is in C won't help you at all, and only those of us who are familiar with that hardware will be able to help here. I know I'm not.

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