Thread: Help with small C program

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    Help with small C program

    Hello everyone,

    Am stuck with a small C program question. Heres the question :

    Write a program to generate and display a table of n and n2, for integer values of n
    ranging from 1 to 10.Be certain to print appropriate column headings.

    And this is what I've done till now :

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ()
        int n, n2 = 0;
        printf ("Enter the integer values:\n\n") ;
        printf ("n        n2\n\n") ;
        printf ("--       ---\n\n") ;
        for (n = 1; n <= 10; ++n)
            n2 += n ;
            printf ("%i     %i\n\n", n, n2) ;
            getchar () ;
            return 0 ;
    I think most probably the part in bold is my mistake but I cant figure out a solution.

    Please help

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    Sorry guys it was a silly mistake on my part. The bold part should be n2 = n * n

    Thx for reading everyone

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    So you fixed it then?

    Nevermind - cross-posted anyway

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