Thread: CS 1 Program segmentation fault but can't see the problem

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    CS 1 Program segmentation fault but can't see the problem

    edit: fixed the problem. thanks for looking though. It really is that every time I post here no matter how long I've been trying on my own I figure it out right after. It's crazy.

    I was like oh I changed my arrays to global but I'm still passing them, let me change that so I don't look like a coding noob and then boom it works. with 1 minor kink of not correctly switching if sums are the same but have different differences (tiebreaker)
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    This happens fairly frequently. Sometimes, you get frustrated working on a problem and doing something else clears your mind enough that you can solve the problem easily when you come back to it. Next time, just take a 15 minute break.
    Putting the problem into your own words can also help. Explain it to your roommate, or mom, or whoever will listen, even if she has no clue what you're talking about.
    I copied it from the last program in which I passed a parameter, which would have been pre-1989 I guess. - esbo

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