Thread: create a text file with data using text editor

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    Unhappy create a text file with data using text editor


    i need to create a text file for 5 people containing four fields separated by commas



    which corresponds to:

    surname,first name,id,date of birth

    each record has to be on a separate line.

    Once i have done this, i have to write a C program which reads this data and allows the user to browse the data by record, allowing the user to specify First, Last, Previous and Next.

    Where do i start?

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    How about start with creating the text file first?

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    > How about start with creating the text file first?

    Now THAT is truly funny. I'm only sad that I didn't get here first to type it myself.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    Assuming you have the file made
    Look around for descriptions of file functions such as fscanf, fprintf, fopen, FILE *, fclose, and possibly even fread/fwrite. A good place to start would be

    When you have problems with the code, and you will have problems with the code (trust me), come back and we'll be able to help a little more.

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