Thread: outtextxy (...) ??

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    outtextxy (...) ??

    why is this not possible..
    I can't see in the help file, how to use outtextxy on string output.
    Anyone knows how this works prober..

    sprintf(c2, "%d", count2++);
    outtextxy(1,479,"%s", c2);


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    >sprintf(c2, "%d", count2++);
    >outtextxy(1,479,"%s", c2);

    there will be a syntax error.
    cause this function doesn't take more than 3 parameters.
    but u used 4 parameters.

    the statement will be like the following---

    int count2;
    char c2[80];

    sprintf( c2, "%d", count2++ );
    outtextxy( 1, 479, c2 );

    try to get help from the help file.
    C's help is the most powerful guide.

    am appreciating your question, cause i also code in graphics mode, though it is slow when u r using built-in libs.

    take care...

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    tx for your answer.
    But you talking about extra libs, which can make the graphics a bit faster, where can I find these libs.
    I'm using turbo C++ 3.0 and Borland 5.02.


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