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    Question Basic Question help

    I do not want the answer, i would like to do them on my own i would just like some help in where to start...

    What are the minimum and maximum values for an integer with n bits in signed representation. what is the maximum value for an integer with n bits in unsigned representation : Express these values in both decimal and binary representation. For a negative value in binary, use binary two's complement representation.
    (a) n is 8. (b) n is 16 (c) n is 32 (d) n is 6 (e) n is 10.

    i know ill prolly be using <limits.h>

    and from what i read and understand its something along these lines

    printf("INT_MAX = %d\N", INT_MAX);

    printf("INT_MIN = %d\N", INT_MIN);

    printf("UINT_MAX = %u\N", UINT_MAX);

    but isnt that just for int which = 4 how would i do the others?
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    please delete

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    There are similar macros - with different names - in <limits.h> for other integral types (char, short, long, unsigned short, etc).

    Incidentally, there is no requirement that int has size of 4. That is compiler dependent (aka "implementation defined" in the standards)
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    Please don't edit your post down to nothing and bugger off as soon as you've got your answer.

    The whole purpose of the forum is for people to learn from what has been said and answered. If you remove your posts, then that makes grumpy's answer meaningless and a waste of effort.
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